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Precision Single Range Press

Precision Single Range Press

R4,659.91 R4,426.91

Sudami X-Ring Precision Single Range Press

Discontinued, made by order only

1st For South Africa From the biggest manufacturer of reloading equipment in RSA.

  1. This press was designed for high precision accuracy, strength, and mobility and easy to use in mind.
  2. Single purpose for threaded dies only for full length size and seating.
  3. Only the best material was used for the construction of the press, made from alliminium 7075T6 to with stand the forces in the press. Weighs ± 2.7kg.
  4. All standard reloading components will fit our press. (7/8NF thread).
  5. Clamping of press basically on any table top surface.
  6. All press accessories and tools are included to be able to setup within 5 minutes.
  7. Anodized in blue color.
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Weight 3 kg