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Sudami Bullet Pointing Die

Sudami Bullet Pointing Die

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Pointing Perfection Consistency = Accuracy

We believe and tested that our pointing system is one of the best.

  1. Choose the right pointing die insert for your specific bullet. No. S30 or S40. See our bullet chart.
  2. Insert the pointing die insert S30 or S40 from the bottom into the body and tighten it with the Allen cap screw, with a 3mm Allen key to hold the die in place.(you can also unscrew the micrometer completely to assist with easy changing the die S30-S40)
  3. Choose your caliber bullet holder for the press and insert it just like you would fit a shell holder into the press.
  4. Make sure the micrometer on the body is screwed out at almost the highest point.
  5. Raise the ram completely on your press.
  6. Screw the body into the press until the bottom touches the bullet holder, and then give it a quarter to half a turn out and lock the die lock ring at this position so that you can see one of the vertical indexing lines.
  7. Screw the body down so that the die lock ring engages.
  8. Lower the ram on your press completely.
  9. Set a bullet in the bullet holder and raise the ram completely.
  10. Screw the micrometer down until it touches the bullet.
  11. Lower the ram so that you can adjust the micrometer down.
  12. Adjust the micrometer down until you get the desired shape on the nose cone of your bullet.
  13. The increments on the micrometer are 0.1mm per line and 1mm for a full turn.
  14. We suggest that 0.6mm adjustment (6increment lines max 0.7mm) from the zero setting of the bullet is more than enough to give you the best results. Adjustment more than that starts to deform the cone of the bullet in a negative way.
  15. You will see the difference between a pointed and un-pointed bullet.
  16.  We have tested the pointing system over and over and come to the following conclusions that it:
  • Does improve your B.C. of the bullet.
  • Does improve your grouping.
  • Does improve your waterline.
  • Does give you more constancy = accuracy.
  1. Sudami also suggest meplat trimming of the bullet with the Sudami Meplat trimmer.
  2. We also suggest base to ogive measurement.

Some more Sudami tips

  1. You can also put a little bit of sizing lube on the nose cone to help forming the bullet more uniform.
  2. Pointing the bullets helps to get the meplat more uniform. Most of the bullets still have the ragged edge on the meplat after pointing, that is why Sudami suggest meplat trimming before pointing the bullet.
  3. The ragged edges are now reduced and will be less affected by the wind force on the meplat cone.
  4. For the maximum results Sudami suggest the following procedure. Meplat trimming the bullets, then point the bullets 0.6mm on the micrometer setting.
  5. Sudami suggest base to ogive measurement on the bullet to sort the different lengths for even more uniform consisting pointing.

The pointing system includes: Main body, Micrometer, S30 & S40 pointing inserts, die lock ring and one caliber bullet holder.

  1. The bullet on the left standard out of the box un-pointed.
  2. The bullet in the center – meplat trimming done.
  3. The bullet on the right pointed.

  1. The bullet on the left standard out of the box un-pointed.
  2. The bullet in the center – meplat trimming done.
  3. The bullet on the right pointed.

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