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Primer Pocket Correcting Rod -24 (6mm)

Primer Pocket Correcting Rod -24 (6mm)

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Procedures to follow for the Best results in primer pocket correcting.

Please take note that this tool does not size the head of your case.

STEP 1: For the best results for primer pocket correcting, follow these steps as set out carefully, note: the top nut is not for adjusting, keep finger tight locked down at all times to keep the pin in place.

STEP 2: Sort your cases according to primer pocket size by measuring it with a caliper – vernier, to determine how much to size the primer pockets.

STEP 3: Place the primer pocket shoe in your press the same way you would place a shell holder in. (see Pic 1)

STEP 4: Install the primer pocket die the same way you would install your resizing dies but not turn fully down then place a case on the primer pocket shoe (see Pic 2)

STEP 5: Cam the press completely to the top guiding your case with your fingers in the die and over the pin. Then screw the die down until it touches the inside bottom of your case flash hole. Screw the die lock nut down to your press; this will help indicate of how much you are going to adjust the die to be able to correct the primer pocket. (See Pic 3) raise the press handle, now you are almost ready.

STEP 6: Turn the die locknut a ¼ turn out and your die a ¼ turn in and cam the press, raise the press handle and take out the case to measure to see if pocket diameter has changed, adjust ever slightly with small increments to see when it starts to crimp or to get to the correct size. You can put a bit of case lube on to the primer pocket shoe to ensure smoother release. (Usually no more than a ¾ turn is needed to crimp the primer pocket)


See pictures 1 to 3 below:

Pic 1: Set up for PRIMER
Pic 2: Set up for CASE
Pic 3: Set up for CAM

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