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Competition Howa Trigger Blade

R2,504.70 R2,379.47

One of the easiest competition trigger conversance
Trigger blade only.

  • Remove trigger assembly from rifles action
  • Remove the 2 bottom 3mm dia pins with circlips
  • Unscrew front M4 adjustment screw and remove the spring
  • Remove the trigger assembly and spring
  • Slide the lighter spring from the back assembly into the front adjustment hole (from the inside)
  • Slide in the new trigger assembly and push in the pin and secure the circlip
  • Screw in the front adjustment screw with lock nut
  • Store old trigger, spring and extra pin
  • Reassemble trigger onto the rifles action
  • Adjust the final trigger tension and lock nut

NB: Please take note that the new trigger will be very light and smooth

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